Saturday, June 11, 2011


Just workin' on environments and color. I'm envisioning a utah-esque delicate arch as the entryway to a capital city in a valley. Anything thoughts/suggestions?


  1. I especially like the frame with the giant turnip. The movement from left to right of the viewers eyes reveals the end goal and what little journey is left to reach it by this landmark. The arch itself looks a little thin to be made of rock, more like it was a semi buried bone of some ancient leviathan that died parched in this desert thousands of year ago.

    The turnip picture is also cooler in color then any of the others which present a barren red unforgiving desert while the one in question has a more purple tint, which is good as that focuses on the reddish turnip which acts as something of a directional arrow.

    The sky is exceptionally clear in this shot as well. Puts more attention on the city.

  2. These are great. I particularly like the top right one, though it doesn't make the arch much of a focal point, but I'm always a sucker for clouds. Wish I had it in me to do some color experiments, haha.