Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Methods WIP

In my illustration methods class we're using a mixed media technique consisting of pencil, colored pencil, ink (optional), acrylic, and gouache. To make things even more interesting, we took photo reference of ourselves and swapped them randomly... here's the WIP:


  1. :O awesome! i wish i was taught drawing like you... but my drawing professor uses curves instead of blocking shapes :(

  2. This mildly looks like dan... lol

  3. David- hey! You found my blog! Most of my drawing teachers here (CCAD) stress blocking... I had never really taken it seriously until I took portrait drawing though. Our teacher, Mr. Wang, practically FORCED us to do it his way (basic frame). I learned so much in that class.

    Cassie- haha it does! (mildly) It's actually Ray.